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Benefits of extended fasting

Stage 1

In the few hours after eating, your insulin levels will rise, telling your body to break down glucose for energy. But after 12 hours of fasting, your insulin will drop. A hormone called leptin, which is responsible for telling you you’re full, will also fall, while ghrelin, the hormone that signals hunger, will rise.

Stage Two: 18 Hours

All glycogen is burned and now the body has to use alternative sources -fats and lipolysis begin. Insulin levels is low, but your glucagon – a hormone that controls blood sugar levels – will start to rise 

Stage Three: 24 Hours

Autophagy begins when the body and cells get rid of old damaged cells. This is a way to reduce inflammation, cancer cells, misfolded proteins that are responsible for Alzheimer’s dementia.

Stage Four: 48 Hours

Growth hormone levels will go up, help muscle repair and preserve lean muscle mass, is due to hormone ghrelin, the hunger hormone, which can promote growth hormone secretion. 

Stage Five: 54 Hours

This reduces insulin further down and reduces inflammation and further increases autophagy.

Stage Six: 72 Hours

IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), a hormone involved in growth and development will decrease which can trigger stem cell production, create new cells, especially immune cells, and reduce free radicals, could prevent aging and cancer.

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