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God Shiva all over earth

Three women goddess
Moon in head of Shiva
Old shivaling in kaba before mohammad’s destruction

Is there really any Shivling installed in Mecca Medina? You also know :-

[Note – This post is only aimed at arguing with readers on points that are still unaware of these things. The article submitted is being based on information obtained from various mediums and materials with no purpose of hurting a person particular and community]

Before the arrival of Islam,
Arab word is the definition of Arv of Sanskrit which first Arav then and then Arab became Arab. Arv means horse is universal that Arab horses are famous
The god which was worshipped in Arabia,
His name was Hubble.
Here you will have to pay attention, that Hubal has the moon on the head, which is also sitting on the head of Mahadev, the god of Hindus’ adorable gods.

Before 600 AD, there were also 3 women worshipped, who were called Al-Aza, Al-Lat, and Meenat in their local language.

These 3 ladies have hands raised in blessing pose…
And the lion exists below.
Now look at our Sanatani Devi.

You must have noticed, that Mecca, where the Kaaba is located, Muslims around the world go for a round of a black stone.

Someone tell me, how different is this from going around Shivlinga?

Kaaba’s stone and Shivlinga have many similarities.
In our place there is a custom of prostration, then Islam also has a tradition of prostration.

Hazrat Muhammad was born in the same tribe where Hubbal was worshipped as God.
Muhammad Sahab had a quarrel with the chief of the tribe, which resulted in war, and Muhammad and his followers killed the chief of tribe, and destroyed all the statues.

But you can become the leader of the tribe by fighting, but how will you destroy the thousands of year old worship system from the hearts and minds of the people?

Even after many efforts, there are many things in Islam, which testify, that it was born from Sanatan Dharma.
Now it is a different thing that Islam does not believe this, because if you are busy to suppress someone for the past 1400 years…

If not today or tomorrow we have to believe that their ancestors used to worship Shiva in Mecca too…
And even today, the stone which they worship is Shivlinga.

The highest pilgrimage of Muslims say about Mecca it was the temple of Makkeshwar Mahadev. There was a giant Shivling of black stone that is still there in fractured state.
At the time of Hajj, Muslims worship and kiss him by saying Aswad (with stone, aswad, black, or black).
Famous historian late #PNOC has written about this in great detail in his book ‘History of the Vedic World Nation’.

Before Islam, Shaiv Mat was popular in Arab countries.
Shiva hymns composed by uncle Omar bin Hashsham of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad are engraved on the walls in Sri Laxminarayan (Birla) temple, Delhi.

This place is currently located in a place called Mecca in Saudi Arabia. It is also mentioned in Srimadbhagwat. Shri Krishna had destroyed a monster called Kalyawan. This Yemen state is located on the same island.

The number of forms and worship of Lord Shiva are popular all over the world, they are indescribable.
Not only in our country, Lord Shiva’s reputation is spread all over the world.
There has always been a trend to worship His diverse forms.

Shiva temples have been found everywhere from the Hemkut Mountains of Afghanistan to Egypt, Brazil, Babylon of Turkistan, Glasgow of Scotland, America, China, Japan, Cambodia, Java, Sumatra.
In Arab, Shivlinga was called ‘kick’ before Prophet Muhammad.
The black stone that is worshipped in the yap of depression in the Kawa of Mecca, is mentioned as Makkeshwar in future Purana. Clear evidence of Israel and other Jews being worshipped before the spread of Islam.
There are also evidence that there was a two hundred feet high dick in front of the Venus temple in Hiropolis.
The ancestors of European Finish and Ibranian castes were worshippers of Baleshwar Ling.
This is mentioned in the Bible as Shiun.

Another Hindu culture tradition associated with Kaaba is the concept of “Holy Ganga”.
As everyone knows in Indian culture, the relationship between Ganga and Chandrama with Shiva can never be separated. Wherever Shiva is, the concept of holy Ganga is definitely present.

A holy waterfall is found near the Kaaba, its water is also considered sacred, because even before the Islamic time it was considered holy (Abe Zam-Zam).

Even today, Muslim pilgrims carry this Abe Zamzam with them during Hajj.
Why is it that Hindus who join Kumbh consider Ganga water sacred and carry it in bottles, and similarly this tradition of Hajj has so much similarity? What is the reason behind this.

Some Muslim told me that Zam”-Zam is not a waterfall… That is a well sir “

18×14 feet and 18 meters deep…

4000 years old… Never dry… Never changed the taste…

Till today, no land nor any tree has grown in the well… No bacteria found in that water till date…

Checked into European laboratory they declared it drinkable.

This small well gives water to millions of people…
8000 liters per second water power motor runs 24 hours….

And only after 11 minutes the water level is equal

This is Van Ganga, the water of the whole world.

By Mamta Yas

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