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God Will Never Die.

Existance is physical being, of remaians of non dark matter. There is no such word existance. It should be manifestation and non manifestation.

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In Human History discoveries have been made in all walks of life.

Theories are floated.

They are revised in the light of new evidence, old theories are discarded.

The Earth was assumed to be Center of the Universe.

Moon was considered to be Divine, stars beyond human reach.

We can go on adding to the list where old theories were revised and the  old theories are dead once and for all.

The same applies to all Arts and Sciences.

Except One.

The Theory on God.

While enlightenment(?) has induced man to accept new theories,discarding old thoughts, the concept of God and the debate does not seem to die.

If as Atheists were to be believed, God does not exist.

For some atheists the Universe is an accident.

For some it is Universal Law and it has nothing to do with God.

Some say it is Nature.


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  1. ramanan50
    January 3, 2014

    Thanks for the reblog.


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