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These are the very words of Veda. Prajapatir vai idam asit: In the beginning was Brahman. Tasya vag dvitya asit; with whom was the Vak (or Sound)… Vag vai paramam Brahma; and the Vak (Sound) is Brahman”

There is a Yogic Discipline called Shabda Yoga – The Divine Science of Light and Sound. This path helps one to become one with the light and sound of the supreme divine. The Masters of the Discipline teach how all of creation came into being. Creation came into being though the light and sound of the creator. This sound is called OM or AUM. It is part of mantras and chants used by tibetan monks and other meditative schools of thought.

One of the criticisms science has had in the past with religious and spiritual thought is that none of the truths could be verified by experimentation. The mystic significance of OM may be the first spiritual truth to be proven by the penultimate Scientific Grand Theory of Everything.

After Albert Einstein finished his Theory of General Relativity his next project was the Grand Unified Theory. He died with his dreams unfulfilled. The other great theory of Science is the Theory of Quantum Thermodynamics. Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity describes the Universe of the very large. Quantum Theory describes the Universe of the very small. Until recently, there was no way to bridge the Theory of Relativity with Quantum Theory. With the discovery of the Superstring Theory of Quantum Reality came a startling yet spiritually correct solution. At the sub-atomic infrastructure of reality, science discovered not points of infinity but incredibly small vibrating strings.

In his book The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory, Brian Greene describes how science discovered the music of reality. – http://is.gd/The_Elegant_Universe

[Albert Einstein’s] dream of a unified theory has become the Holy Grail of modern physics. And a sizeable part of the physics and mathematics community is becoming increasingly convinced that string theory may provide the answer. From one principle-that everything at its most microscopic level consists of combinations of vibrating strands-string theory provides a single explanatory framework capable of encompassing all forces and all matter. String theory proclaims, for instance, that the observed particle properties, … are a reflection of the various ways in which a string can vibrate. Just as the strings on a violin or on a piano have resonant frequencies at which they prefer to vibrate-patterns that our ears sense as various musical notes and their higher harmonics-the same holds true for the loops of string theory. But we will see that, rather than producing musical notes, each of the preferred patterns of vibration of a string in string theory appears as a particle whose mass and force charges are determined by the string’s oscillatory pattern. The electron is a string vibrating one way, the up-quark is a string vibrating another way, and so on. Far from being a collection of chaotic experimental facts, particle properties in string theory are the manifestation of one and the same physical feature: the resonant patterns of vibration-the music, so to speak–Of fundamental loops of string. The same idea applies to the forces of nature as well. We will see that force particles are also associated with particular patterns of string vibration and hence everything, all matter and all forces, is unified under the same rubric of microscopic string oscillations-the “notes” that strings can play. For the first time in the history of physics we therefore have a framework With the capacity to explain every fundamental feature upon which the universe is constructed. For this reason string theory is sometimes described as possibly being the “theory of everything” (T.O.E.) or the “ultimate” or “final” theory. – The Elegant Universe, Brian Greene; pp15-16. Vintage Books 1999

Science and ancient Master’s agree, each with their own way saying it; All of Reality comes from The AUM (OM).

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