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Lord Nataraja’s Temple chidambaram, in Tamil nadu

Lord Nataraja’s Temple chidambaram, in Tamil nadu, the big toe is the Centre Point of World ‘s Magnetic Equator.

After 8 long years of research, Western scientists have proved that at Lord Nataraja’s Temple chidambaram, in Tamil nadu, the big toe is the Centre Point of World ‘s Magnetic Equator.
Our ancient Tamil ScholarThirumoolar has proved this Five thousand years ago! His treatiseThirumandiram is a wonderful Scientific guide for the whole world.
Chidambaram temple embodies the following characteristics :
1) This temple is located at the Center Point of world ‘s Magnetic Equator.
2) Of the “Pancha bootha” i.e. 5 temples, Chidambaram denotes the
Skies. Kalahasthi denotes Wind. Kanchi Ekambareswar
denotes land. All these 3 temples are located in a
straight line at 79 degrees 41 minutes Longitude. This can
be verified using Google. An amazing fact &
astronomical miracle !
3) Chidambaram temple is based on the Human Body having 9 Entrances denoting 9 Entrances or Openings of the body.
4) Temple roof is made of 21600 gold sheets which denotes the 21600 breaths taken by a human being every day (15 x 60 x 24 = 21600)
5) These 21600 gold sheets are fixed on the Gopuram using 72000 gold nails which denote the total no. of Nadis (Nerves) in the human body. Thesetransfer energy to certain body parts that are invisible.
6) Thirumoolar states that man represents the shape of Shivalingam, which again represents Chidambaram .this represents Sadashivam which represents HIS dance !
7) “Ponnambalam ” is placed slightly tilted towards the left. This represents ourHeart. To reach this, we need to climb 5 steps called “Panchatshara padi”Si, Va, Ya, Na, Ma ” are the 5 Panchatshara mantras.
There are 4 pillars holding the Kanagasabha representing the 4 Vedas.
8) Ponnambalam has 28 pillars denoting the 28 “Ahamas “as well as the 28
methods to worship Lord Shiva. These 28 pillars support 64+64 Roof Beams which denote the 64 Arts. The cross beams represent the Blood Vessels running across the Human body.
9) 9 Kalasas on the Golden Roof represent the 9 types of Sakthi or Energies.
The 6 pillars at the Artha Mantapa represent the 6 types of Sashtras.
The 18 pillars in theadjacent Mantapa represents 18 Puranams.
10) The dance of Lord Nataraja is described as Cosmic Dance by Western
Scientists. Whatever Science is propounding now has been stated by by our saints thousands of years ago !

7 comments on “Lord Nataraja’s Temple chidambaram, in Tamil nadu

  1. raj
    April 3, 2015

    This scientific study is amazing. Do you have any references for.this?


    • This is science as above . What is science? Discovery of existence particles or so called substance by some. Verify from Chidambaram temple library or from books . Science does not know how evolution works. Learn from Einstein and father of atoms bomb Oppenheimer, who say what ur scripture say. Indians are made to feel inferior after British era but now wind is blowing towards reality. You will be surprised if I say Darwin was wrong. Dragon or so called dinosaur existed with human beings together and Dwarika is> 35000 yrs old. But facts are facts. Pl search all topics above here or and go to http://www.decodinghinduism.com to know how vast was Vedic dharm and people in western countries started acknowledging Vedic science. Hinduism is not easy to understand but many Vedas are just talking about science that happened millions years ago. Also check http://www.vedicdharma.org about Indian architecture.. Thank you for your time.


    • Situated close to the magnetic equator (the dip angle being 1.75oN) (8.7oN, 77.8oE geographic) , the Centre at Thirunelveli has multi-disciplinary scientists for the measurements of electric and magnetic fields originating in the near-Earth environment.’

      Coordinates of Thirunelveli is 8.73°N 77.7°E, 2 * dfference from Chidambaram at 79* 41 East Longitude.
      And this is reason why Chidambaram is called center of Universe.


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  3. mano
    June 24, 2015

    Amazing fact.


  4. jaisankar.k.
    January 5, 2017

    most informative message


  5. Sanatan Dharm and Hinduism
    January 5, 2017

    Thank you.


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