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Swiss magazine hacked and needs guards after posting article calling the Quran the “core of the problem”

This is truth. All the world , magazines, newspaper, news, head of states should do same to save humanity otherwise it is gone in few years.

The Muslim Issue

December 15, 2014, by Nicolai Sennels

Swiss magazine hacked and needs guards after posting article calling the Quran the “core of the problem”(Photo: Andreas Thiel)

When politians and Muslims defend Islam or says that Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam and the Quran, they never back their claims with proofs. That is because there are no proofs… What you will hear instead is politicians giving emotional statements such as ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ or Obama’s sentimental (and quite telling) outbursts such as “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer” and “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”. And how do Muslims defend their religion? By trying to intimidate the critics, hack their homepages or simply kill them. Not very advanced, but unfortunately quite effective, as many people – also in the free world – do not dare to speak the obvious, life-saving, civilization-preserving truth.

Translated from Tagesanzeiger:

Protests followed the article about the Quran by satirist Andreas Thiel: First, the…

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