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Bharatwaja Hinduism Gods in Japan Religion

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During my research about the presence of Sanatan Dharma throughout the world,information about two countries has been very difficult to obtain.

Japan and China.

Three factors are responsible for this.

Shiva Linga in Japan.jpg Shiva Linga in Toganji Temple,Nagoya, Japan

One is that these cultures are ancient and their philosophy, religious literature is , as in Hinduism cloaked in allegory.

The third reason is that the influence of Buddhism and its offshoot in the later stages in Japan.

In the case of China, the advent of Communism ensured that the information is suppressed.

In this article , the influence of Sanatana Dharma on  Religion in Japan, Japanese language.

What strikes one is the use of Hindu Gods’ names .

Common Terms: Sanskrit/Chinese/Japanese

Archarya – Master Achali Ajari
Dharma – Law FA Ho
Pratima – movement warrior techniques of the Hindu ksatreyas Hsing
Sunyatapani –  Tang-Shou Karate/To De
Dharmahasta  Chuan Fe Kempo

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