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Celts Ancestors of French English Worshiped Kali?


I have written an article that the Celts were the descendants of Brahmins of India of Sanatana Dharma.

River Danube is Danu.

In Burgundy, France, a site has been excavated and it contains the image of Kali in a wine mixing vessel.

Goddess Kali is an Amsa of the Devi.

In Devi worship , Tantra Shastra, advocates certain practices that include drinking.

Lioness is the vehicle of Devi.

Notice the tongue protruding as in Kali’s Image.

“The area around the village of Vix in northern Burgundy, France is the site of an important prehistoric complex from the CelticLate Hallstatt and Early La Tène periods, comprising an important fortified settlement and several burial mounds. The most famous of the latter, the Vix Grave, also known as the grave of the Lady of Vix, dates to circa 500 BC. Her grave had never been looted and contained remarkably rich grave offerings…

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