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Red Shiva Ganesha Hanuman Vishnu Marks Australia Aborigines

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I published articles on Australia being Home of Weapons, Astra Aalaya, Shiva with Third Eye dance in Australian Tribe.

That ancient Indian Culture spread throughout the world is now an indisputable fact.

This is arrived at based on Archeology,Astronomy, Archeoastronomy and linguistics.

Taking into consideration the pattern of migration in Europe, Africa,Latin America and the Scandinavian Countries, it is clear that these waves of migration in Europe happened when the was a Natural  Disaster in Asia and this is acknowledged in all the cultures mentioned here.

The natural calamity we speak here is tsunami.

These Tsunamis have been recorded in almost all Religious texts though under Legends.

Tamil Literature speaks of three such Tsunamis and during on such tsunami Lord Ramas’ Ancestor  Satyavrata Manu , also called as Vaivasvatha Manu migrated to Ayodhya to found Ikshvaku Dynasty.

Shiva and His son Ganesha left through Middle east, covering the Africa,Europe and…

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