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Jesus In Kashmir His Tomb Attempt At Conversion


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There is this story going around fro some years now that Jesus visited India,learnt the Buddhist/Hindu Doctrines during his ‘missing years’!

Jesus Christ buried in Kashmir Tomb of Christ Kashmir, image credit. http://ghalegroup.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/3294899906_f1b9d59eec.jpg

There are also suggestions that there is a Tomb of Christ In Kashmir.

Tomb o Jesus in KashmirJesus Tomb in Kashmir? Image Credit.BBC

Well, according to an eclectic combination of New Age Christians, unorthodox Muslims and fans of the Da Vinci Code, the grave contains the mortal remains of a candidate for the most important visitor of all time to India.

‘Crazy professor’

Officially, the tomb is the burial site of Youza Asaph, a medieval Muslim preacher – but a growing number of people believe that it is in fact the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth.

They believe that Jesus survived the crucifixion almost 2,000 Easters ago, and went to live out his days in Kashmir.

“What else could they do? They…

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