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108 Upanishads Complete List

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Upanishad means “sitting near by’

This is the part of The Vedas, the unwritten Scripture of the Hindus, over 5000(Five Thousand) years old and transmitted by oral tradition, that contains the enquiry into the Nature of the World where were We, where we are and Where do We Go from Here’

It is a Philosophical treatise that has to be practiced.

Upanishads of Hinduism. The 108 Upanishads List. image credit. http://www.sohamyogastudio.org/images/veda2.png

Please read my posts on Vedas filed under Hinduism/Indian Philosophy for more details.

Thee Upanishads are called  the end of all The Veda, Vedanta.

They are 108.

  • 10 upaniṣads are associated with the Rigveda and have the shānti beginning vaṇme-manasi.
  • 16 upaniṣads are associated with the Samaveda and have the shānti beginning āpyāyantu.
  • 19 upaniṣads are associated with the Shukla Yajurveda and have the shānti beginning pūrṇamada.
  • 32 upaniṣads are associated with the Krishna Yajurveda and have the 

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