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Value of Pi, written in Sanskrit by Arya Bhata, long before any European even thought of it.

Paridhi (in short) = Pai. Aryabhata was23 years when 6 cycles of 60 years had passed in kaliyuga, i.e. born in 2765 BC. 6 cycles were chnged to 60 cycles to make him 23 years in 3600 kali. In tie of Aryabhata, no new calender had started, so he has referred to 60 year cycles of Jupiter only. In 499 AD (3600 Kali) he woulhave used Shishunag Shaka (kauzad in Burma) of 1954 BC, Nanda Shaka of 1634 BC, Shudraka shaka of 756 BC, Chahman shaka of 612 BC (used by Varahamihira & Brahmgupta), Sri Harsha shaka of 456 BC (Shudraka to Sri harsha is 300 oears of democracy indicated by Megasthenes-famous as Malava-gana ) Vikramaditya samvat of 57 BC, Shalivahana shaka of 78 AD, Kalachuri or Chedi Shaka of 219 AD, Valabhi-bhanga shaka of 319 AD (at end of later Guptas based in Valabhi, Gujrat). In 499 AD, there was no empire in Gujrat to support astronomy research. Aryabhata was just after Mahabharata was and tried to preserve Arya paddhati of Svayambhuva Manu (indicated by him). Svayambhuva Manu ws called Pitamaha Brahma, so Arya word means Pitamaha in Bihar.

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