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Ancient Indian marriage and Twin Star system

Indians knew about Antares twin star system: Nearly 5,000 to 7,000 years ago ancient Indians could recognize the 15th brightest object in the sky, the Antares twin star system.

This system was called Jeshta (in Sanskrit meaning the biggest, oldest or eldest). Now science shows us that it is the biggest star,40,000 times or more bigger than earth. In fact, this Antares was wedded into Indian tradition deeply. This 2 stars system was named Arundhati and Vasishta stars. After marriage in south India, husband and wife should go out and look at these 2 stars after wedding’s night!

And this particular Twin star system is unique. Both stars circle around each other, instead of usual one star revolving the other. So symbolically pointed out as a paradigm of marital virtue to the bride in the Hindu marriage ceremonies. Arundhati vashishta is the only twin star system where both stars rotate in synchrony – a clear depiction of how a husband or wife should not dance to the tune of the other was demonstrated by ancient Hindus 5000+ years ago, using a star system, that too a perfect one in twin rotation form, without any modern telescope!

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