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The Saviors of Hindu Dharma in South India – Part 1

It is assumed that south India did not get as much barbaric attacks and conversion by INVADERS ISLAMIC MUSLIMS but on contrary it is half truth. Many Hindu kingdoms were destroyed, many conversion took place. Tipu Sultan sent army to either convert or slaughter in Kerala and all south India. Even Sword of Tipu Sultan say: Kill infidels Hindus who do not convert.
They had ruled for several centuries before and had nurtured the flowering of Dharma in various forms such as literature, philosophy, art, and architecture in Southern India.

These kingdoms were among the most prosperous kingdoms in the world, as can be seen in references given to them in numerous chronicles and testimonies. This Article will make all of you to learn from history and wake up before another Bangladesh, Pakistan or Iran or Iraq or middle east created from present India. It is time to get together and help BJP under MODI to grab all India and create old SANATAN DHARMA back in India and forget CASTE and Religion for sake of country.
It is important to bear in mind that the Islamist invading armies were aided via espionage and subversion by several Sufi ‘saints’ who had traveled into the South for preaching. In many cases as with the Yadavas at Deogiri and Pandyas at Madurai, the very Sufi preachers they had patronized acted as spies providing intelligence to the foreign invaders.

But, what is true is that the character of native Hindu resistance to the depredations of the Muslim invasion was more tenacious than elsewhere. This was undoubtedly aided by the topography of the South, which would have presented a greater challenge for any invader to surmount.

It’s a telling commentary on the state of the Hindu nation that we have collectively forgotten the titanic struggles of our forebears, who shed their blood in the millions to defend the very land we walk upon. In particular, several great heroes from the Southern realms of Bharatavarsha have faded from our memories despite the enormity of their sacrifices and spectacularity of their successes.

This, in part, we suspect is due to a motivated effort to deliberately erase them from our consciousness. Of them, the histories of some are known, thanks to the inscriptions and records they left behind in the ruins of the great empires they raised, or from the accounts of the scribes and historians affiliated to invader hordes. With these we are able to reconstruct a picture of the heroism they displayed in defending Dharma and Desha.

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