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Carbon dating confirms similarities of Keeladi and Indus sign language-Another proof of United India-Wrong Aryan Theory.

Apart from the carbon dating, studies of signs showed similarities of Indus Valley civilization comprised of Mohanjodaro and Harappan.

A new hypothesis that links the Vaigai civilization, represented by the ongoing archaeological excavation at Keezhadi near here, with Indus civilization on the basis of exact names of places was put forth by R. Balakrishnan, Additional Chief Secretary, Odisha, India.

Mr. Balakrishnan said that there were still about 500 names in the Indus Valley which were alien to north Indian languages.

But their replicas were found in south Tamil Nadu, especially on both banks of the Vaigai.

He pointed out that names like Korkai, Madurai, Vanji, and Thondi existed now in the Indus Valley and this could not be deemed accidental.

Added to this were the symbols of the Indus Valley unearthed in Keezhadi. Mr. Balakrishnan said that the proven or potential archaeological sites along the Vaigai had exact counterparts in the Indus Valley but only future research could confirm the link.

The parallels between the Indus Valley and Keezhadi were the brick structures, size of burnt bricks, weights, playthings and red and black earthenware.

Keezhadi was very much reminiscent of the Lower Town of the Indus Valley.

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The whole of Indian sub cotinent and probably some more lands in and beyond Afghanishtan are belived to be populated by Tamils in the far past.All river bank civilizations extending up to estuary seem to be simlar.Sumerian&Elam in the fertile crescent(Iran),IVC in the notrth(India&Pakitan),and Poompukar,Madurai,(Korgai)&Tuticorin in TamilNadu etc.,are some examples. As Tamils were adventurous seafarers they travelled to far off places when the Kumari Kandam was swallowed by Indian ocean.Names of places in Afghanitan like Poompuhar,Korkai,Pandi,Cheran,Pothive,Panai,Pettai etc.,and Pandiar,Eelam, Nocchi,Vanni,Palai,Kallur,Kuttuvan,Uthian, Thondi,Kaveriwala,Chola,Killi, Kudam,Korkai,Cheranvali,Nalli,Mathrai,Kuntru,Amur,Kanchi,Mullai ko,Karuro, Vanchi etc.,in Pakisthan(ref:R.Balakrishnan,IAS) are exactly the names of places, few kings and one or two small horbours of TamilNadu.From these observations it can be inferred that the KEEZHADI might be older than IVC.

That Lesser-known Great Civilization

4,000 years ago the Indus Valley civilization held an estimated one million people spread over a Texas-sized region, twice the area of contemporary Egypt or Mesopotamia. Its largest excavated cities, Harappa and Mohenjo-daro, exhibit levels urban planning that rival modern standards, including grid-like streets, water management and the oldest toilets. Yet there’s no suggestion of royal, religious or military might — no grand palaces, temples or defensive fortifications. And after flourishing between 1900-2600 BC, it’s unclear what happened to the people, or if any populations today can count themselves as their descendants.

One reason archaeologists, and average people, don’t know much about the Indus, is that it was only discovered in the 1920s. Since then, researchers have identified more than 1,000 settlements, which from the surface appear to belong to the culture. But less than 10 percent have been systematically excavated, due in part to unrest along the India-Pakistan border.

Another reason the Indus is elusive: that undeciphered script.


With an average of just 4 or 5 signs, the brevity of most inscriptions poses a challenge for decipherment efforts. It’s also among the reasons that some scholars argue these characters are not true writing. Most other civilizations with a writing system have left examples that are hundreds of characters long. The longest example of Indus script, by contrast, is less than 30 characters.

The Indus Inscriptions

Image may contain: text

Several thousand Indus texts have been discovered, mostly from Harappa and Mohenjo-daro, but also in far-flung lands of trading partners along the Persian Gulf and in Mesopotamia (and it’s probable the Indus were exposed to the idea of writing by these literate Mesopotamians). The majority are engraved on small stone seals, about one inch squared, above the image of an animal, such as a bull, elephant or unicorn-like creature. Fewer inscriptions are found on clay tablets, pottery and metal objects.

Indus valley civilization is considered more than 3000 bc ad very advanced


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