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Hindu Genocide in Goa Inquisition- Story of Saint? Francis Xavier

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Francis Xavier landed in Goa in 1541. He was sent there by Ignatius Loyola of Jesuit order under the direction of the King João III of Portugal. Xavier comes to the following conclusions that Hindus are an “unholy race” .That they are “They are liars and cheats to the very backbone.”. that the Indians being black themselves, consider their own color the best” and also that they believe that their gods are black. On this account the great majority of their idols are as black as black can be, and moreover are generally so rubbed over with oil as to smell detestably, and seem to be as dirty as they are ugly and horrible to look at.”He writes to Rome to install inquisition in Goa immediately.Apr-2 1560: Viceroy D Constantine de Braganca orders that allBrahmans should be thrown out of Goa and other areas under Portuguese control.Feb-7 1575: Governor Antonio Morez Barreto,issues orders that the properties of those Hindus whose “presence was prejudicial to Christianity” would be confiscated.1585 : The Third Concilio Provincial adopts a resolutionasking the king of Portugal to banish from Goa ‘the Brahmins, physicians and other infidels’ who the Church finds as an obstacle to convert the ‘the heathens’ to the ‘only true faith’.Jan-31, 1620: Portuguese government orders that “…no Hindu, of whatever nationality or status he may be, can or shall perform marriages in this city of Goa, nor in the islands or adjacent territories of His Majesty…”1625: Governor Francisco Barreto, issues orders that ‘bar Hindus from seeking employment’ in the Portuguese held Indian territory and Portuguese officials were ordered not to ‘use the services of any infidel in matters of his office anyway’Historian Alfredo DeMello describes the performers ofGoan inquisition as “nefarious, fiendish, lustful, corrupt religious orders which pounced on Goa for the purpose of destroying paganism and introducing the true religion of Christ”Remarks of a historian:The words Auto da fé reverberated throughout Goa, reminiscent of the furies of Hell, which concept, incidentally does not exist in the Hindu pantheon.On April 1st 1650 for instance, four people were burnt to death, the next auto da fé was on December 14, 1653, when 18 were put to the flames, accused of the crime of heresy. And from the 8th April 1666 until the end of 1679 – during which period Dellon was tried – there were eight autos da fé, in which 1208 victims were sentenced.In November 22, 1711 another auto da fé took place involving 41 persons. Another milestone was on December 20, 1736, when the Inquisition burnt an entire family of Raaim, Salcete, destroying their house,putting salt on their land, and placing a stone padrao, which still existed in the place (at least in 1866)-Alfredo De Mello (‘Memoirs of Goa’ Chapter 21)The biggest agony is that Francis Xavier is considered as SAINT for this Holy? work of Christianity. He did not refrain to use his state powers to torture Hindus especially the Brahmans to convert them to Christianity.Do you know about this blood stained chapter of History?

Dr Vivek Arya

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