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Battle of Devarkonda

HistoryFacts : “Kalavargeśvara”

The following chapter hasbeen taken from the historical accounts of :
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● Maharaja #KapilendraDeva, also known as Kapilendra Routray or Sri Sri Kapilendra Deva was the founder of the Suryavamsa Gajapati Empire, that ruled eastern & southern parts of the Indian Subcontinent, including present-day Indian state of #Odisha as the center of his empire.
The Indian Subcontinent was already under Islamic invasion. When Kapilendra Deva took over the throne, hostile Muslim powers like the Sultan of Jaunpur (Mahmud Shah), Bahmani Sultanate & the young ruler of Bengal Samsuddin Ahmad Shah were continuously preparing to invade Odisha. Maharaja Kapilendra Deva first defeated the Jaunpur forces & then contained the Bengal forces with the help of his minister Gopinath Mahapatra after which only he initiated his aggressive military campaigns of the Southern & Deccan parts of the Indian Subcontinent.

● The #BahmaniSultanate was founded by a native Indian (Hindu) who was converted to Islam by the Invading Sultanate of Delhi, Gangu Brahman Shah who later became Ala-ud-Din Bahman Shah. Its primordial motive was to spread Sunni Islam in the southern parts of the Indian Subcontinent. It became the 1st independent Muslim Sultanate of the Deccan which separated itself from the invading Delhi Sultanate. The Bahmani Sultanate was later dissolved into 5 separate Kingdoms after it was defeated by the Vijayanagara Empire in 1527CE.

■ The Battle of #Devarakonda :
After successfully invading Telangana from Vijayanagara control, the Bahmani Sultanate exerted barbaric atrocities on the native Indians (Hindus). The Bahmani Commander, Sanjar Khan (born Sanjay Singh, later converted to Islam) started mass forced conversions of the locals. The Velama Chiefs who earlier betrayed the Vijayanagara King & backed the Bahmani Sultanate, were now repenting for their dids.
In 1456 CE Humayun Shah ascended the throne of the Bahmani sultanate & his general Sikander Khan started oppression of the Velama Chiefs after capturing Devarakonda. Thus, Maharaja Kapilendra Deva was invited by the Velama chiefs to rescue the Telegana population from the Bahmani rulers. In 1458CE, a battle ensued at Devara Konda between Odia forces led by Hamvira Deva & Bahmani forces. As a result of this battle #Odia forces came out victorious & #Telangana region became a feudal state of the #GajapatiEmpire with the Velama chiefs as the vassal rulers.

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