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32000 year old lost city of Dwarika, Krishna. Indian Hinduism is not mythology.

32,000 Year Old City of Lord Krishna Found Underwater.It was found during accidental discovery in 2000 when water pollution study was going on. This means civlization as big as Ney York Manhattan city was in existance wnd flourished before 5000 years ago as told by earlier history. That is what INDIAN CIVILIZATION AND HINDUS , SANATAN DHARAMA HINDUS SHOULD BE PROUD OF.

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History all of us were told were myth, many and one of those was Mahabharat was just 3000-5000 years old and Heaven and hell was created by Allah that itself started ~2000 yrs ago and also same for Christians as world is no more than 300-5000 years old. How funny all of them. Not only History has found Sarswati river but also tracked it.LOST SARASWATI RIVER FACTS

Archeologists have found remains which date to 32,000 years ago, from the area which was once the Land of Lord Krishna, a deity of India’s ancient past. Many scholars say that yoga is only 5000 to 6000 years old, but this finding may support ancient Hindu scholars who claim yoga is more than 100,000 years old. In the city of Dawarka, India, Lord Krishna was once revered, and it is said that the remains of the Arc of the Covenant could be found in the temples honoring Krishna.

HISTORY CHANNEL –Lost city of Dwarka.


Complying with modern archeological discoveries are the stories of the epic, Mahabhrata, (volume 16) which describe a submerged city just after the death of Lord Krishna which once had beautiful gardens, temples, palaces and deep moats.

In addition to these curiosities, we can learn more about Sangams which were ancient assemblies of saints and sages who met on a sunken land mass, called Kumari Kanda, which, interestingly, is just off the present day Dawarka.

The Gulf of Khambhat (formerly known as the Gulf of Cambay) is an inlet of the Arabian Sea along the west coast of India, in the state of Gujarat. It is about 80 miles in length, and divides the Kathiawar peninsula to the west from the eastern part of Gujarat state on the east. The Narmada and Tapti rivers empty into the Gulf.

Marine archeology in the Gulf of Cambay – now known as the Gulf of Khambhat – centers around controversial findings made in December 2000 by the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT). The structures and artifacts discovered by NIOT are the subject of contention. The major disputes surrounding the Gulf of Khambhat Cultural Complex (GKCC) are claims about the existence of submerged city-like structures, the difficulty associating dated artifacts with the site itself, and disputes about whether stone artifacts recovered at the site are actually geofacts.

In a History Channel presentation of “Ancient Aliens”, November 11, 2010, ancient astronauts theorists and marine archaeologist presented evidence of a civilization that sank to the see thousands of years before humans living on the planet could have possibly built the ruins of the ancient cities at Khambhat and Dwarka, said to be the ancient dwelling place of Lord Krishna, who like many gods is thought to be an alien. One legend says that after a great battle with space ships, Krishna eventually departed Earth after which his Dwarka into the sea.

What was once thought of as mythology, as the discovery of an ancient sunken off of India, that could be Dwarka, all of that has changed. People are beginning to look at ancient sanskrit texts in new light as perhaps actual historical records. Did India’s ancestors witness a war between extraterrestrial entities? Are these interpretations of India’s ancient texts proof of alien contact in Earth’s past? Are the descriptions of gods actually extraterrestrials?

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    More research should be done on india. Try to find the proof of ramayana. If mahabharata is true thn there is high chance of ramayana to be also true.


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