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Sandhyavandan Sapta Rishis In Islamic Tribe Yazidis


The Yazidis in Kurdistan have their roots in Sanatana Dharma, Hinduism.

The earliest reference to them is around  4 Century BC.

Among the roots of their Religion and Culture lies the Vedic Deity Mitra.

Tawsi Melek God of the Yezdi people Iraq.jpg Tawsi Melek God of the Yezdi people Iraq.

Sanskrit Mitra (मित्रः), the name of a god praised in the Rig Veda.[19][20][21] In Sanskrit, “mitra” means “friend” or “friendship”.[22]
the form mi-it-ra-, found in an inscribed peace treaty between the Hittites and the kingdom of Mitanni, from about 1400 BC.

Iranian “Mithra” and Sanskrit “Mitra” are believed to come from an Indo-Iranian word mitra meaning “contract, agreement, covenant

Mitra was adopted by Persia and was later assimilated by the Yazidis.

By practice the Yazdis are Non Dualists, Advaitins( Advaita was developed by Shankaracharya).

The Yazidis do not  believe as the Higher Philosophy of Hinduism, in Good or Evil, Devil.

Shankaracharya says the same while speaking about it…

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