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Indian Tribes In China, Iran Central Asia, Greece

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There had been migrations in the world continuously.

The Migration of people into Europe in waves coincides(?) with the Tsunami in Bharatvarsha, as India was then called.

Contrary to what European writers say, the migration to Europe was from India.

If one cares to check the migration dates of various countries and races  in Europe, it will be noticed that it corresponds to the Great Floods that  devoured lands in India.

To get an idea of the ancient tribes of India, I have looked into the Mahabharata, Ramayana and he oldest literature of the World, the Vedas.

Khambojas,(Iran Tribe)

Tusharas,(Northwest province of Pakistan)

Shakas,(Khambojas of Iran)

Hunas,(Germanic Tribe)

Paradas,( Tribes of Sailoda River in the Xinjiang province of China)



Daradas,Lohas, Rishikas( Kushanas or Kanishkas )


Uttara Kurus of trans-Himalyan regions.

Lambakas.(Tribes of Manipur)

Gandharis are Gandharas, the Bahlikas are Bactrians, Mujavat (land of Soma) refer to Hindukush–Pamirs (the Kamboja…

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