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Shri Krishna Portrayed in a Greek Mosaic

Shri Krishna Portrayed in a Greek Mosaic
The city of Corinth in Greece .had been in ancient times a prominent centre of Vedic culture with several of its temples dedicated to Lord Krishna.A large mosaic of a young lad Krishna playing the flute, standing cross-legged under a tree while grazing cows hangs in the museum in Corinth.It was obviously salvaged from a local Krishna temple ravaged and converted into a church by Christian invaders.

About the Hindu, Vedic Sanskrit culture of Greece, E.Pococke has published a special volume devoted to the topic. It is titled
: India In Greece or Truth In Mythology.

Pococke tells us “Among the strongest peculiarities of the so -called heroic period of Greece, appear
the perfection of the arts and the abundance of gold ;
the profusion of gold vessels ;
their varied yet elegant workmanship;
the beauty of embroidered shawls ;
the tasteful and sample produce of the loom ,
the numerous ornaments of ivory;
the staining and working of that material ;
the gift of necklaces as a valuable present,
sometimes too from the gods ;
the brazen tripods and the cauldrons ;
the social refinement and comfort;
the magnificent palaces of Alcinous and Menelaus ;
finally the great contest of Troy, the constant use of the war chariot . . .

The whole of this state of society, civil and military, must strike anyone as eminently Asiatic; much of it specifically Indian . Such it undoubtedly is . . . these evidences were but the attendant tokens of an Indian colonization with its corresponding religion and language . . . the whole of Greece, from the era of the supposed godships of Poseidon and Zeus, down to the close of the Trojan war(was ) Indian in language, sentiment and religion , and in the arts of peace and war”.

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